Winning with Disruptive Innovation

About the course

This program is structured to deliver practical, hands-on understanding of disruptive innovation and design thinking.

Design and Design Thinking have never  before played a more influential role in determining the success of any business in any industry. This fact is well supported by the Design Value Index (DVI), a summary of the market performance of 15 design-driven companies including Apple, IBM, Nike, and SAP. These companies share a high level of design strategy implementation across their organisations. Their executives practice design in everyday work, and they have design positions at the management levels. In the period from 2005 to 2015, design-driven companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 211%.

Armed with the design mindset, organisations are then able to think disruptively and execute disruptive ideas from their design thinking initiatives using disruptive technologies. Businesses are beginning to realise that disruptive thinking should not rest with selected teams but must become viral within its workforce to provide their desired collaboration and co-creation of digital experience for the ever-evolving customer.  

Our experience shows that both learning sessions need to be delivered together to create customer defined and adopted value driven digital products and services even before rolled out.

This program is structured to deliver practical, hands-on understanding of disruptive innovation and design thinking.

Course Learning Objectives
  • Learn why “Successful” companies die and understand the role of management in a digital economy.
  • Understand how digital transformation affects five dimensions of an organizations and the ever-changing digital life of the consumer.
  • Understanding the pillars of innovation and new business thinking in a digital economy.
  • Identification and utilization of digital technologies and global innovation methodology to define digital life and design disruptive innovative solutions, continuous process improvement and winning client services.
  • Co-creation adoption and Trap avoidance to change digital landscape and ensure unassailable competitive edge.
  • Crafting strategic ecosystems, design new customer experience and building customer empathy to develop winning ideas for the digital corporate and retail customers.
Course Details
  1. Introduction To The Reality Of Digital – understanding its consumption and enterprise, platform economy, social implications & unlocking societal value.
  2. Digitalization Of Industries – products, services, processes and emerging business models.
  3. Understanding The Digital Matrix – player types and phases of transformation. Deploying digital matrix for disruption and sector redefinition.
  4. The Winning Moves Of Digital Transformation – ecosystem, participation, orchestration, and constructing winning moves.
  5. Digital+Design Thinking Frameworks – intersection of digital & design, pillars of disruptive techniques, use of disruptive and design thinking tools, product selling vs platform building, virality vs network effects.
  6. Disruptive Ideation Techniques – creative brainstorming, facts & lies, swap techniques, box technique and customer journey mapping, disruptive & digital innovation agents.
  7. Case Studies & Next Steps – incumbent and organisation transformation.
Who this course is for

Delegates cuts across middle & senior management – HR & Learning Leaders, Financial Control, Strategy & Business Analysts, Digital Transformation, IT & e-Business, Innovation, Heads Of Business Lines, Risk Management Leaders and C-Level Officers.

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Learning session at NECA Building Ikeja on any of the following days – July 10-12 or Oct 9-11.

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