Winning with Business Analytics & Cloud Advantage

About the course

This course teaches you how to convert products to platforms and how to innovate in a platform environment.

Organisations like Apple, Alibaba, Facebook, Salesforce, Uber, Konga, Jumia and the like operate platform ecosystems that match buyers and sellers, gain value and market share from network effects, and harness their users to innovate.

The power of platforms is evidenced in the way major business segments are being invaded and conquered in the blink of months despite not having physical assets and infrastructures like incumbents in the same sector. Taking advantage of the cloud and with continuous focus on the changing dynamics of the digital customer, such startups begin to dominate the market they have disrupted. The question is “why is this happening today in one industry after another?”

This course teaches you how to convert products to platforms and how to innovate in a platform environment. You will learn how to negotiate platform startup, convert existing products to platforms, and make vital decisions on issues of openness, cannibalisation, and competition. We will cover such areas like how to successfully launch and design a business platform; why platform firms beat product firms and how the structure of platform firms is fundamentally different; why traditional platform pricing models fail and how to choose a successful pricing model; how to compete in winner-take-all network markets.

The frequency of decisions at this level of business is astronomical, thus underlining the need for “Embedded Real-Time Analytics”. New processes are created on the fly, powered by analytics, taking full advantage of and turning large volumes of data generated into business assets. Since every “customer process” is almost unique, digital age analytics can do all the work, creating thousands or millions of personalized “processes” based on the needs of each individual. In this course therefore, needed complimentary skills of building effective real-time analytics will be covered.

Course Learning Objectives
  • Know how to define your business analytics strategy, understand and measure your levels of maturity in enterprise business analytics.
  • Understand the relevance and real value of business intelligence to management in the digital age.
  • Identify structural changes in the new digital economy.
  • Understand platform firms vs product firms economy and identify principal components to build your own platform.
  • How to predict and effectively manage unanticipated competitors & winner-takes-all markets.
  • Develop methods to price platforms correctly in the context of network effects and understand launch strategies for platforms and its viral growth.
  • Gain insight into enterprise business data and capability to answer business questions anytime & anywhere.
Course Details
  1. Business Analytics –  history, overview, and business intelligence with predictive, data visualization and executive dashboard winning concepts.  Analysis of corporate analytics status.
  2. Business Analytics Strategy – strategy framework, assessment and discovery. Strategy discovery, execution Baseline and gap analysis for crafting winning solutions.
  3. Transitioning to cloud and platform business –  understanding cloud business advantage. Viable platforms, sources of and overcoming critical mass problem, develop launch strategies for products with no market presence. Design a viral growth strategy.
  4. Monetisation of Platforms – lifetime value of a free customer, context of two-sided network, platform pricing models two-sided pricing anecdote.
  5. Open vs Closed Platforms – why openness matters, managing intellectual properties and business models, strategic threats and open vs close considerations.
  6. Final Launch Strategy – rules, multi-dimensions, connecting traditional to new strategies.
  7. Data & Business Intelligence in cloud era.
Who this course is for

Delegates cuts across middle and senior management – HR and Learning Leaders, Strategy and Business Analysts, Digital Transformation, IT & e-Business, Innovation, Heads Of Business Lines, Risk Management Leaders and C-Level Officers.

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Learning session at NECA Building Ikeja on any of the following days – July 18&19 or Oct 17&18.

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