About MPR Online

MPR OnLine provides comprehensive, at-a-glance financial reports that analyze and reveal where your organization is achieving the est results over a selected time period. The solution is designed to create management profitability reports that provide multiple ways to analyze efficiency and profitability across various corporate dimensions including Strategic Business Units (SBUs), Branches, Areas, Relationship Officers, Customers, Products etc. With MPR Online, an organization is given a true picture of its profitability.

MPR OnLine Reports

MPR OnLine provides detailed multidimensional Management Profitability reports at the click of a button. MPR OnLine reports are available for the different levels within the organisation, including Consolidated MPR for the whole organization, Regions, Strategic Business Units (SBUs), Branches and Relationship Officers. With easy-to-follow steps, users can drill down to lower levels of detail within these reports. MPR Reports are automatically refreshed at the end of each reporting period.

Key Benefits
  • Provides quantitative and qualitative insight
  • Presents Single version of ┬áprofitability ‘Truth’
  • Facilitates evaluation of Operational performance against targets
  • Aid comparative analysis of performance at several time periods to help decision-making and future planning.
  • Enables Self-service access to Performance data
  • Enables management by exception through its built-in alert system.

MPR Dashboards

MPR OnLine simplifies Decision-Making with Powerful analytical features in MPR Dashboard. The MPR Dashboard displays keys profitability indicators at-a-glance.

Key Benefits
  • Quick identification of Revenue gain/loss trends
  • Improvement of business planning and recognition of opportunities for greater profit
  • Quick review of critical performance data by regions, Areas, Branches, Strategic Business Units, Account officers and customers against budget
  • Easy & intuitive analysis of Efficiency and profitability over selected time period.