BI4SAP Live gives you all the source systems where data is available for reports and analyses, without the costs and complexities of a data warehouse. What’s more is that it gives you the ability of generating reports live.

Flexibility, Simplicity

BI4SAP Live is a complete BusinessObjects reporting and analysis environment for SAP ERP users. BI4SAP Live makes the SAP ERP data available in a flexible and user-friendly way, as well as being easy to maintain. This solution can even be used for producing a real-time picture of how your organisation is performing. New technological developments let BI4SAP Live produce reports without an expensive data warehouse needing to be involved. And that is precisely what makes the overall solution simpler, more flexible and  cheaper, which in turn results in substantially lower maintenance costs.

Rapid Implementation

BI4SAP Live is a BusinessObjects Universe (or a semantic intermediate layer) that has been developed by Ensior. It shows all the objects from the most widely used SAP ERP modules in a comprehensible layout, including their interrelationships and the underlying logic. This lets users who do not have any technical know-how generate whatever reports they want. You can therefore report on familiar business terms such as ‘quantity’, ‘amount outstanding’, ‘average turnover per customer’ and so forth. This means that the work is no longer hindered by complex table nomenclature and cryptic notations. The Universe contains a large number of predefined KPIs, but you can also define more without having to do any programming. So then it’s down to your user: they’re up and running and you can respond much more rapidly to changes in your information requirements.

Realtime Reporting

In addition to periodic management reporting, BI4SAP Live is also suitable for your operational decision-making. Real-time information such as customer information for back office staff or stock and production data is indispensable for this. BI4SAP Live fulfils this requirement by extracting the information directly from SAP. Data replication techniques can also be used if desired so that there will be no additional load on your SAP system. If you are a SAP ERP user and you would like to decide for yourself what your reports should look like, contact us for a demonstration.