Leading Teams & Businesses In The Digital Age

About the course

Learn critical leadership skills most suitable for relevance as a digital professional, leader or business.

In the digital age, organisations are delivering business excellence by managing innovative and even operational activities as projects. These peculiarities are enabling the most complete work  transformation while aligning work culture to personal life choices. This presents a new form of challenge for leaders at all levels of an organisation. To mitigate this emerging leadership risk, leaders must develop capabilities to lead their units, departments and businesses to succeed in a fast and continuously evolving digital future. This course equips with five critical leadership skills most suitable for relevance as a digital professional, leader or business.

Course Learning Objectives
  • Understand leadership structure, organizational evolution and  leadership capabilities required for the digital age.
  • Understand what the “EDGE” is, develop plans to lead beyond the edge of your organization and effectively manage customers “beyond the edge”.
  • Be able to build “TRUST” relationships in the digital age.
  • Understand the uniqueness of virtual teams in the digital age and how to form and lead virtual teams.
  • Be able to lead teams for collaboration and co-creation.
  • Understand how dynamic learning boosts effective leadership in the digital age.
Course Details
  1. The Digital Age – driving forces and frameworks
  2. Leading Beyond The Edge – organisational edge, control, planning and leading beyond the edge in the digital age.
  3. Building Deep Trust Relationships – digital age trust essentials, understanding components of and management of human behaviour to build trust in digital age.
  4. Forming & Leading Virtual Teams – traditional and virtual team transition and understanding P.o.V of virtual team members.
  5. Leading Collaboration & Co-Creation – co-creation processes and overcoming barriers, planning and hosting conversations.
  6. Dynamic Learning & Next Steps – understanding dynamic learning, engagement and creation of dynamic learning solutions.


Who this course is for

This course is designed for HR and Learning Leaders, Financial Control Leaders, Strategy Leaders, IT & e-Business, Innovation Leaders, Heads Of Business Lines, Risk Management Leaders and C-Level Officers.


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Company based

This is in-house learning event solely for your organisation.

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Public course

Learning session at NECA Building Ikeja on any of the following days – June 13&14 or Sep 12&13.

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