Powering The Mobile Enterprise

The Mio Mobile App platform, is a cloud enabled unified mobile platform providing robust, purpose built and pre-packaged enterprise mobile business applications which enables businesses to automate their operational capabilities and increase the speed and pace of their business.

Managing Enterprise Mobility

In addition of one of its kind solution proposition, Mio also addresses the challenges of deploying mobile apps, managing devices, networks and users. Enterprises can now address the various challenges of integrating its MDM, MAM and MIM’s solutions and ensuring that a unified security, policy and compliance can be applied across all mobile assets using Mio, instead of a third party application.

Integration Done Easily

Mio’s business gateway uses a standards based approach and open technologies which enables Mio to work with other systems within and beyond the enterprise. Mio provides powerful and extensible set of integration connectors which handle most integration needs.

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The Mio Value Proposition

Mio currently manages tens of thousands of mobile workforce, millions of lines of transactions, many thousands of field visits, tasks and workflows and generates tens of thousands of orders, deliveries and invoices on a daily basis. Some of the many business processes supported by Mio are:

  • Sales/Field force automation
  • Deliveries & Fulfillment
  • Direct store deliveries
  • Self Service Orders
  • Distribution Management
  • Retail execution/Merchandising
  • Van Sales/Cash Van
  • Route to Market
  • Field Services
  • Workforce Management
  • Loyalty
  • Enterprise messaging
  • mCommerce