With our Enterprise Mobility solution, you can automate, seize full control and take maximum advantage of your relevant and critical business moments that occur outside the walls of your office.

MIO MAP mobile app

a comprehensive and long term approach to business mobility

MIO MAP provides an efficient and cost effective way for business transformation by focusing on systems of engagement and execution using mobile technology. With MIO MAP, companies can quickly deploy a harmonised anytime /anywhere cloud based and mobile enabled engagement and execution framework to represent the day-to-day realisation of their business strategy.
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MIO MAP mobility solution is based on:
  •  Single platform technology

  • Built cloud and mobile first

  • Mobile centric architecture & business Logic

  • Collaboration

  • Enterprise level security & Identity management

  • Scalability & always availability

  • Enterprise mobility management

  • Powerful, yet simple and flexible Innovative and transformative

  • OOB’s – Out of the box business solutions

Out Of the Box Solutions
  • Sales Force Automation

  • Deliveries Management

  • Van Sales

  • Service Management

  • Distribution Management

  • Retail Execution

  • Direct Store Deliveries

  • Route to Market

  • Work Force Management

  • Loyalty