Digital Transformation Strategy Development

About the course

Learn skills and perspectives to craft winning strategies to take full advantage of digital for business growth.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), information technology has moved from the back office, IDC’s first platform, to the front office, the second platform and finally embedded itself into nearly every aspect of people’s business and personal lives. This is enabled by third platform technologies including social media, mobile, analytics (big data) and cloud. These are popularly called the S.M.A.C. Platform; all in just a few decades.

Today, we are witnessing deeper impact of Digital Technology on business processes linking up customers and markets such that the boundaries between internal business processes and its external ecosystem(customers, markets, competitors, partners and regulators) are fast disappearing. This naturally presents a new level of challenge for Business Leaders to move their organisations to the next level, the level of digital business transformation employing the SMAC with organisational, operational and business model innovation to create new ways of growing businesses.

This course will equip managers and executives to step up to play important roles during the digital transformation processes within their companies by providing you with skills and perspectives to craft winning strategies to take full advantage of digital for business growth.

Course Learning Objectives
  • Learn why “Successful” companies die and understand the role of management in a digital economy.
  • Understand how digital transformation affects five dimensions of an organizations and the ever-changing digital life of the consumer.
  • How to identify the seven technologies defining the digital life of any organization.
  • How co-creation will change your digital landscape and ensure competitiveness
  • How to avoid the “competency trap”, “ecosystem trap”, “talent trap” & “metrics trap”.
  • Effective utilization of the digital matrix framework, define and execute strategic ecosystem construction of winning moves that ensure success in the digital economy.
Course Details
  1. Introduction To The Reality Of Digital – understanding its consumption and enterprise, platform economy, social implications & unlocking societal value.
  2. Digitalization Of Industries – products, services, processes and emerging business models.
  3. Understanding The Digital Matrix – player types and phases of transformation. Deploying digital matric for disruption and sector redefinition.
  4. The Winning Moves Of Digital Transformation – ecosystem, participation, orchestration, and constructing winning moves.
  5. Case Studies & Next Steps – incumbent and organisation transformation.
Who this course is for

Delegates cuts across middle and senior management – HR and Learning Leaders, Strategy and Business Analysts, Digital Transformation, IT & e-Business, Innovation, Heads Of Business Lines, Risk Management Leaders and C-Level Officers.

Here's how you can take the course

Company based

This is in-house learning event solely your organisation, with minimum attendee of 15.

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Public course

Learning session at NECA Building Ikeja on any of the following days – June 20&21 or Sep 19&20.

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