Business Intelligence

Making the right decisions at the right time is critical to sustainable business success and easy access to accurate and timely information, which comes from business data, is central to every such decision.

Most organizations are rich in data but relatively poor in information and insight. At FEES Ltd, our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help organizations to tap into the power and wealth hidden in their business data. We conceive and implement end-to-end BI solutions, creating Business Information systems that allow our customers to visualize and control the processes that directly affect their bottom line.
We combine our vast cross-industry knowledge with best of breed BI tools from software giants, BusinessObjects™ and SAP, to transform vast data into business wealth by providing meaningful insight into information that are most important for organizational successful. The result is that the right information gets to the right people in the right format at the right time through the right channel, for fast and informed decision-making.

Enterprise Performance Management

With our Enterprise Performance Management service, we take you beyond just gaining insight into your business performance to empowering front-line workers and managers to act on insight so gained in line with your corporate strategy.
It’s important to know whether revenues are down, costs are up or margins are eroding. It’s also necessary to be able to identify the root causes of these performance deficits. But what can you do about them? How do you measure success and ensure that decisions are in sync with the interests of the larger organization?
We deliver solutions that help you monitor and measure business processes and results with an eye towards continuous improvement, aligning technology, people, and processes with the strategic goals of the organization.
Using modeling, planning, visual dashboards and score-carding capabilities, operational managers and top-level executives alike can better understand business processes; perform what-if analyses against plans, and track real-time results, comparing them against plans and strategic goals.